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Welcome to the Juliette Kochanowsky Memorial Page.

Juliette’s Final wishes included no memorial services immediately upon her death. She wasn’t particularly religious and she didn’t necessarily want people gathered around crying over her. She was a private person. Her wishes included that her ashes be mixed with her husband’s ashes and then be scattered in oceans she had never visited before. We plan to honor this request.

We also are planning a memorium event in her honor to celebrate both her life and the lives of all the people that were in hers. We plan on holding this event later in the Fall in Tallahassee.

Please register to be added to the list regarding attending this event.

Her family and friends were all talented people and we’d like to showcase this at her memorium. If you’re a singer or a musician, an artist or creative type, please consider sharing your gift with us in Honor of her memory.